Field Service Management (FSM) Software for CCTV Companies

India's Best FSM Software for CCTV Companies

Many field service business owners waste almost 40-50% of their income on field workers' travel and overhead costs. Furthermore, the expense leakage leads to an imbalance of the daily and monthly budget. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the business owners don't lose their hard-earned money on unnecessary expenses. The expense leakage slows the growth of the business and slows down the process of the business's operations. Do you belong to the CCTV assistance service industry and facing expense leakage? Are you concerned that this might affect your business's growth? The answer to all the problems is here. FieldWeb is here as the solution for all the CCTV assistance service problems. The businesses no longer have to spend time maintaining the bill books and worrying about the increase in the expenses. With FieldWeb, you get upto 15% reduction in travel and overhead costs. In addition, FieldWeb makes sure that manual workload is reduced, and you can easily manage your expenses and your field business with just one click. As a result, the CCTV business owner can manage all the daily tasks of the business efficiently. As a result, you can easily manage your expenses and keep the overhead expenses in check. Be it tracking the expense on the travel of the field worker or his day-to-day expenses, everything can e tracked easily. Furthermore, you can send estimates and invoices to manage the inventory kept in the warehouses, which will help you make sure that you spend only when needed. This all-in-one field service management software allows your solar field service business to track every field worker in real-time, schedule tasks, and enhance the productivity of your field workers in the field.

Real-Time tracking for CCTV companies

Watch your fieldworkers' progress with just a single click on FieldWeb Here is the chance to keep a note of your technicians and follow their real-time locations. It helps improve the delivery of the Field Service operations and ensures the task is completed effectively. With FieldWeb's real-time tracking feature

  • Know the exact location of the field workers
  • Enrichment of the communication of the techs and the customers
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of service operations
  • Allot tasks to the fieldworker nearest to customer location

AMC Software for CCTV Companies

Make sure that your client is getting the assistance of the CCTV unit at the right time! Adequate service helps you to build the proper relations with the customers. AMC will help in assuring that the customers are given the service of the CCTV unit timely. In addition, it helps the CCTV field worker make sure and keep track of the number of services given to their customers. With FieldWeb's service AMC management feature

  • Constant and stable functioning of the equipment.
  • Well maintained relations with the customers
  • Keeping a check on the guarantee and the warranty of the machine.
  • Advantageous for the management of the CCTV business.

Scheduling Software for CCTV Companies

Technicians' can easily manage their work locations! Still not sure about the management of timings of the duties and situation updation? Then the scheduling software helps your technician handle their appointments of work and collectively allows you to keep a check on the status of the completion of the tasks by the technician. With FieldWeb's service scheduling feature

  • Allot tasks to the fieldworker according to the specialization of their work
  • Assign the task to the right fieldworker nearest to the customer location
  • List and maintain the upcoming job requests.
  • Maintain all the customer enquiries on a single dashboard

Customer Management Software for CCTV Companies

Keeping the client happy makes your income happy! A consistent customer is what a company asks for; the customer management feature of the FieldWeb app will help maintain a thorough record of the communication with the customers. In addition, it will help the professional to provide personalized service to the customer. Resolve the job faster regarding the history of service provided. Timely updating the AMC. Exact details of the devices and the services are given to the customer. With FieldWeb's customer management feature

  • Maintain a customer database.
  • Resolve the job faster concerning the history of service provided
  • Timely follow up features for the AMC
  • Exact details of the devices and the services are given to the customer.