Field Service Management (FSM) Software for Solar Companies

India's Best FSM Software for Solar Companies

Many field service industries spend almost 2-3 hours in the morning deciding the tasks scheduled for the day and dispatching the field workers for the specific tasks. Due to this, many field service businesses cannot provide services to almost 30% of their customers on the same day as planned. These kinds of unwise decisions hamper productivity as well as business expansion. Not only this, but the unwise decisions also lead to missed customer enquiries, lack of maintenance of annual maintenance contracts, leakage in item inventory, inability to dispatch field workers, etc. Do you belong to the solar field service industry who cannot achieve the monthly targets of income? Are you concerned about the growth of your field business? The answer to all the problems is here. FieldWeb is here as the solution for all the field service problems. A SaaS-based field service management application that can help automate your business's day-to-day field operations. From scheduling and dispatching of field, workers to make sure that the customer is satisfied by your field service; from sending estimates and invoices to managing the inventory kept in the warehouses, this all-in-one field service management software allows your solar field service business to track every field worker in real-time, schedule tasks, and enhance the productivity of your technicians in the field.

Real-Time Tracking for Solar Companies

Take charge of your fieldworkers' movement with just a single click on FieldWeb! But are you still worried about the location of your field technicians? Then real-time tracking is at your rescue. It helps you to track the real-time locations of their field technicians. In addition, it enables the solar panel company owners to enhance the communication of the Field Service operations, thus ensuring task completion effectively. With FieldWeb's real-time tracking feature

  • Get the current location of the fieldworker
  • Bridge the communication gap between employer, fieldworker, and customer
  • Completion of jobs in less time with complete accuracy
  • Betterment in the service operations

AMC Software for Solar Companies

Make sure that your customer is getting the service of the Solar panel at the right time! Any business needs to satisfy its customers. The customers are the major source of increase in productivity and encouragement of the businesses. AMC software makes sure that the customers are given the service of the solar panel timely. In addition, it helps the solar panel field worker to ensure and keep track of the number of services provided to their customers With FieldWeb's AMC management feature

  • Helps to manage the upcoming, missed, and completed AMCs
  • Maintain good business relations with customers
  • Never lose money due to missed AMCs
  • Increase productivity in field service operations

Field Technician Scheduling software for Solar Companies

Never say no to new job requests when your schedule is sorted! Don't leave the opportunity to earn more and work more! Field Technician management will help in the arrangement and the scheduling of the appointments with the customers. In addition, it helps in easy and smooth maintenance of the upcoming and already completed works. With FieldWeb's technician scheduling feature

  • Helps to schedule and deploy the field workers
  • Deploy the fieldworker nearest to the work location
  • Allot jobs to idle fieldworkers to increase ROI
  • Increase work efficiency and productivity

Attendance Management for Solar Companies

Manage the arrival and exit of the field technicians in just one click! We aim to manage and keep track of the timely presence and the leave of the technician daily without any wastage of paper. Moreover, it helps you to be informed about the day-to-day movement of the technicians. With FieldWeb's attendance management feature

  • Align attendance with company policies.
  • Get a live view of the employees' attendance and time data
  • Know the total working hours of the field workers
  • Generate the list of idle field workers