Field Service Management (FSM) Software for Computer-IT Companies

India's Best FSM Software for Computer & IT Repair Companies

It isn't hard to manage your work and the technicians working with you if you have FieldWeb on your phone. FieldWeb will help you manage your services, technicians, company expenses, inventory, etc., all in one go. Then, the struggle between your technicians and you is over. FieldWeb is a SaaS platform that will make the functioning of your company smooth, and it will be easier to handle and run all the field services efficiently. FieldWeb's easy-to-use software will be at your service to help you by keeping track of tasks performed by the technicians, service provided, and the workload.

Real-Time tracking for computer/laptop repair services

Still worried about the whereabouts of the technician? Maybe the real-time tracking can help all the worries that will help you keep a check on the technicians' place of work and help track the time and their real-time locations. In addition, it helps the company owners enhance the business and the smooth running of managing the company's functions. Finally, it results in the task being completed effectively and efficiently. With FieldWeb's real-time tracking feature

  • Tracking the exact location of the techs
  • Smoothness in the communication of the fieldworker and the customers
  • Enhance the service operations
  • Complete jobs in less time with complete accuracy

AMC Software for the computer/laptop repair services

Make sure that your customer is getting the service of the computer/laptop at the right time. AMC management makes sure that the service is given timely. In addition, it helps the technician to make sure and keep track of the number of services given to their customers. With FieldWeb's AMC management feature

  • The smooth running of the equipment
  • Maintained relations with the customers
  • A constant check on the guarantee and the warranty of the equipment
  • The advantage for the management of the repair system

On the job report generation for the computer/laptop repair services

The right choice to maintain a healthy relationship with your customer! Are you not yet sure about the service that your field technician is providing to the customers? Are you looking for something authentic for future reference concerning the work report for the employers and customers? It is FieldWeb's on-the-job report generation feature that gives the solution to all these answers. With FieldWeb's On the job report generation feature

  • Make sure that the work done is recorded and safe on your phone
  • Up to date with the progress of the work done
  • Easy recollection of the incidents at the workplace
  • Customer's verification of the work done

Expenditure and Income Management for Computer & IT Repair Companies

No more wastage of paper and bill books to record your expenses! There is no need to depend on the bill books and sheets of paper to maintain a record of the day-to-day expenses of the field workers. If you are still making notes of the amount spent per day and income earned by the fieldworker, then the hard work is about to be over. The feature gives you: With FieldWeb's on the job report generation feature

  • Details of the income generated by the field worker.
  • Track the amount given to the field worker for his day-to-day expenses.
  • Accurate data of the expenses & income earned by each field worker.
  • Budget management of the income and expenses of the field business.