Field Service Management (FSM) Software for RO Companies

India's Best FSM Software for RO Services Companies

Unorganized field service businesses lose on an average 20% of their monthly income due to several reasons like missed annual maintenance contracts, pilferages in item inventory, expense duplicity, incompetence in dispatching of field workers, etc. Are you also one of the RO purifier service industry champions who has built a business from scratch but is now facing difficulties in managing your daily-based field services with the best of practices and in an efficient way? You need not worry now; FieldWeb is at your back and in one Field Service Management application that helps you automate your company's day-to-day field operations from scheduling and dispatching to sending estimates and invoices—for better efficiency and increases in productivity. This all-in-one field management software allows your RO purification service company to track your every field service in real-time, schedule tasks, and easily communicate via a mobile application with your technicians in the field.

Real-Time tracking for RO services and installation

Are you searching for and running to know the whereabouts of the technician? Take charge of your fieldworkers' movement with just a single click on FieldWeb. Put your hands on real-time tracking to keep a check on your technicians by tracking their real-time locations. It helps the water purifier service providers increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Field Service operations, thus ensuring that the task is completed effectively by the field workers. With FieldWeb's Real-Time tracking feature.

  • The movement and current location of the field workers
  • Productive communication of the field workers and the customers
  • Improvement in the service operations
  • Completion of jobs in less time with excellent performance

Attendance Management for water purifier services

Supervision of the presence and absence of the field professionals in just one click! We help the RO water purifier services manage and keep track of the timely presence and the leave of the technician daily without wasting paper. Moreover, it keeps you informed about the daily activities of the technicians. With FieldWeb's Attendance Management feature

  • Track the daily working hours of the field workers
  • Get a live and exact reference of the employees' attendance and time.
  • Attendance management can be thus made digital.
  • Employers are well informed about the working hours, of the field worker

On the job report generation of water purifier services

Make sure that the task done is listed on your phone! On-the-job report generation will assist you to keep you, your employee, and your customer up to date with the work done and the work in progress. It will also help the technicians to make a report for later reference of the employer and customer. Lastly, it will help keep a record of the entire episode of the events at the workplace to be of help for later use. With FieldWeb's On the job report generation feature.

  • Stay up to date with the progress of the work done.
  • Easy remembrance of the incidents at the workplace.
  • Field Service Management (FSM) made field scheduling easy!
  • The customer's verification of the completion of the job.

Customer Management for services of water purifier

No more wastage of paper and bill books to record your details of the customer and their services! With FieldWeb, you can increase your customer's experience and happiness with your best water purifier service with Fieldweb's customer management system. It is much easier to record every customer with their provided details like name, address, contact number, etc. Then, you can serve them better and add a personalized touch for them. Fieldweb's customer management also allows you to keep a record of all jobs done for every customer to remember the last service of the customers. With FieldWeb's customer management feature.

  • Keep a record of all jobs done for every customer by any field worker.
  • Track the given completed task of the field worker for his day-to-day expenses.
  • Accurate data of the jobs done and the feedback of the customer.
  • The detailed data of all the customers act as a reference for later use.